REDRUM is an international award-winning market leader for museum projects. We have been working for different museums for years now, each of which have brought us some very specific obstacles and challenges.

Industry specific complexities
When animating for museums interactivity can often play an important role. We have to make sure (photorealistic) animations can hold up to interactivity, game engines and VR. Many animation studios are highly capable of delivering beautiful animations, however the data interchange between highend animation workflows (that most studios are used to) and ‘museum ready’ animations can open up a can of worms. Furthermore, skills such as animating for correct camera projections are also things we find to be much more prevalent when animating for museums bringing with it its own kind of complexity and solutions. In short, industry specific complexities that deserves focus in order to solve them accurately when animating or communicating.

Our solution
That’s what we at REDRUM decided to do. Both our animators and our R&D team decided to focus and solve such industry specific animation complexities. Making our animations well planned, often ‘interaction ready’, to the point and effective in its communication objectives for museums all over the world. 

Currently we're working for the following musea: 

Clients and projects that we have used to work for: Tropenmuseum, Open Air Museum, Heineken Experience, National Museum of Qatar, Naturalis, Batavialand, War Museum Overloon, Marines Museum, Singer Museum.

We've won several awards, as the EMYA 2020-2021 (Tropenmuseum), Museum + Heritage Awards for Excellence (Open Air Museum) and the European Museum of the Year Award 2021 (Naturalis).

Get in touch
If you are planning or contemplating boosting the experience of your very next exhibition and are possibly experiencing doubts as to whether you your desired message or animation idea is as strong as it can be? Then we would love to diagnose the situation and specific case. Why? Coming up with creative and unique solutions for museums is something hard to prove via a website. Specially without first analysing the desired message or exposition at hand. Therefore we believe that the best way to get to know us, is to ‘use’ us as a devil’s advocate in order to analyse your desired animated message.

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