People, you might know some, are extremely visual creatures. That is why very few things can beat the power of moving imagery and that is exactly why we got involved in creating them. REDRUM, shout out to Stanley Kubrick, started as a creative film and animation studio. Like the enthusiastic filmmakers that we are, we tell memorable visual stories that help our national and international clients get their message across.

Our in-house team of 30 creatives are a mix of writers, directors, camera gurus, character animators, vfx artists, houdini magicians, sound heroes, casting directors and producers. A crazy bunch of talented people with different skills that complement each other in a collaborative atmosphere. It’s how we like to do things and we think that it shows in our work.

We are trusted by advertising agencies, museums, broadcasters, start ups and other established businesses. Any company can knock on our (glass) door. That makes us one of the largest production agencies in the Low Lands. But don’t just take our bragging word for it; come see for yourself. Join us and our office dog King Louie at our studio for a good cup of Italian coffee, an in-house Barbershop and a round of pool.

A little trivia: did you know we even started our own film and animation academy called REDUCATIONS? There we train both professional and beginning makers. Simply because we believe the world needs more film warriors.