Dealbreakers Campagne

Nobody should be involved in drugs. Let alone our youth. Sadly, the truth is that a growing number of high-school students take the wrong turn when they’re at their most vulnerable. A broken home, the need to fit in, poor grades and fast access to money can be what drives these youngsters to make decisions they can’t put their head around the life changing consequences it will have. To break this worrying trend, different parties teamed up to create platform Dealbreakers. With custom made content, targeted for students and everyone involved, the platform's biggest mission is to inform and inspire students to make different choices when the opportunity of drug related issues makes an appearance in their lives. In the next few months, we’ve got our hands full to create and produce all the platform's content. From podcasts, music videos till animations and VR experiences that will be used in informative lectures for high-schools all through The Netherlands.